Special Occasions

October 31, 2016

Tis the season! Holiday Season, hockey season, any of the four seasons, whatever the season may be, the people at Kazoom Café welcome you with open arms at a family entertainment center that provides a place where play, parties and just plain good times are only the beginning. The facility itself is a large bright and colorful place. It is loaded with various types of apparatus that children can have a terrific time using. If they aren’t really careful, they may just have the time of their lives while moving about and exercising their imaginations as well as their muscles.


For those more special occasions, there are a number of rooms available to host private parties. While Kazoom Café specializes in making Birthday parties memorable events, these rooms can host any event a family, a school, or an organization might want to celebrate.
Birthday Parties can be organized under either of two packages. These include all the things one would normally expect including cake, party favors and plenty of excitement and can be arranged simply by speaking with the friendly and helpful staff at the facility. Imagine the amount of stress that can be taken off Mom and Dad’s shoulders by making a simple phone call to complete the arrangements. And that’s not all! In addition to the many features and benefits that come with a Birthday party at Kazoom Café, comes special care provided for the most junior family members. There is a separate and secure area that can be enjoyed by toddlers freeing up parents to focus on the Birthday boy or girl knowing everyone is safe and entertained.
On second thought, forget about seasons. Anytime is a good time to encourage fun times and create memories that will endure a lifetime. Kazoom Café is just the place to make all of these things a reality!

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