Kids Indoor Activities

June 01, 2016

This year’s loot bags at the Academy Awards carried a value of $168,000.00. Not bad a reward for losing! When it comes to children’s parties and the do’s and don’ts of how they need to be run, the likelihood is that loot bags will be part of the fun but probably will not carry the same price tag as those offered by Oscar. This brings us to the real crux of the matter; how much is too much when it comes to, among other celebrations, children’s birthday parties.


It is a certainty today with the many events in the news that parents of children of all ages are more vigilant when it comes to celebrations of any nature. Remember when Hallowe’en meant costumes of all descriptions and the pleasure of walking about to amass a veritable treasure trove of candy? Not unlike the fate of Hallowe’en, many have moved their celebrations to indoor activities to improve safety, provide a healthy environment and encourage a much more inclusive environment where parents can actually stick around and enjoy themselves, if not as much as the children, pretty darn close to it.

In times gone by loot bags featured a combination of items such as jellybeans, candy, perhaps a small toy, and if things went really well, maybe a pack of baseball cards with that special pink stick of gum. Boy how times have changed. While today’s loot bags may feature some upscale stuff more in keeping with the times, nothing can replace the unique security of specialized facilities when it comes to child safety. No matter how dazzling and wonderful what Oscar has to offer to his guests, the comfort that comes from knowing your child is safe when he or she is out of sight, and is having fun, simply has no price tag.

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