Family Entertainment Center

July 25, 2017

Visit Kazoom Café and discover the fun that family can be all over. The facility is built to encourage play and healthful exercise. From the many different play stations to ball pits to climbing walls children are encouraged to stretch their muscles and exercise their minds through challenging and imaginative opportunities to do what children do best; play.



If you happen to be celebrating a birthday, a specialty of Kazoom Café, there are private party rooms available to host that special occasion. This coupled with one of two packages offering cake, party favors and access to the remainder of the attractions within the facility, frankly, makes for a good time for the children and adult guests as well.



Snacks and meals can be challenging for those fussy eaters among us. Kazoom Café offers a menu featuring all the hot dogs and chips one could ever want. They also offer different snacks and main courses aimed at encouraging healthier options for those who so choose. In either case, there is plenty of choice at both ends of the spectrum and at many points in between.

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