A Few of My Favorite Things

December 19, 2016

As a rule of thumb children top their list of favorite things with security, play, and, in other words, imagination.  It is an interesting fact that play facilities such as Kazoom Cafe offer these to their customers through various features.

Security for a child can take several forms.  Everyone is familiar with favorite stuffed toys or “blankies” that are dragged everywhere.  It is not so much the form but more the fit that is important.  At Kazoom Café there is a latent security created for every young visitor.  Mom and Dad are only a few feet away at any point in their visit which is security in its own right.  Vigilant and caring staff protect them while they enjoy the many “adventures” the facility provides. They are enveloped in an environment designed to protect and free them to explore, a sure hit with children of any age.

What could possibly be more representative of childhood than play?  Frequently toys are described among children’s favorite things.  These promote a feeling of freedom and control as children direct and discover through playing with different toys.  Clearly the apparatus made available at play facilities are designed to promote play and adventure within the facility.  From ball pits to climbing walls to swinging bridges the toys facilitate play and healthful physical activity.

Our list of top three favorite things also includes imagination or rather the freedom to pretend.  While this is closely related to play, it is distinguished and limited only by individuality.  Every child welcomed to play facilities builds an adventure of their very own within its walls.  Group play may inspire various common “theatres” but each of the players participates in an individualized and wonderful place of their own.  Different areas within the facility promote such individuality, ability, freedom, and desire to explore and create fun through pretending and imagination.

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