Having fun is simply the best remedy

July 18, 2016

Dictionaries variously define “Fun” as follows:

Intended for, or giving, pleasure or amusement, a source of enjoyment, amusement, diversion, etc.

There are two things among the many that are important found in these definitions; the first is that fun is not, never was, and likely never will be, limited to any age group. The second thing about fun is that it is entirely and absolutely subjectively defined. One man’s fun is another man’s folly as it were!


New and evolving family centers provide places where fun, no matter how it is defined, is made available to all age groups. If you of an age where play makes you happy and provides fun for you, family centers offer plenty of options for healthy activities that promote many aspects of playing and use of imagination. Is your fun characterized by getting together with friends and/or family to simply enjoy time together? Perhaps a more formalized celebration of a birthday (child or adult), graduation, anniversary,… is more in line with how you have fun. Maybe you prefer some alone time with your children? Then again some alone time while your children focus on their idea of having fun may be more your style? These centers provide an environment where no matter how you define fun personally, they can accommodate your pleasure and enjoyment.



Above all else it is important to understand that today’s society is characterized by stress, stressful situations, and stressful lives. Having fun is simply the best remedy for repairing the damage inflicted by stressful circumstances and occurrences. Have you ever noticed how the most trying days can be made more liveable by having a good laugh? While whatever the issue happens to be it is not resolved by having fun, it is certain that living with it becomes more achievable. As it turns out, for some, laughter (and having fun) is the best medicine!

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